Anniversary Upgrade

Recently my husband and I celebrated a big anniversary and he suggested that we upgrade my engagement ring. He didn’t care whether we upgraded the stone in my current ring or purchased a new ring. The only requirement was that I do some shopping and then take him to see my favorites. I visited three stores and no one seemed to want to spend time with me to help me through this decision. In one location, my questions were answered with “I don’t know”. I was discouraged. I relayed this story to a friend and she mentioned Henderson’s Jewelers. I had gotten a recommendation about them a few years ago from a different friend but because I wasn’t in the market for anything at the time, I forgot about it. So off to Henderson’s I went. I met Anne and David and immediately liked them. They were the first ones to actually listen. They spent time with me discussing both options.”

“Through this process, Anne and David were very patient and very helpful. I am thrilled with my ring and I highly recommend Henderson Jewelers!


Heirloom Diamond

Recently I was given a diamond that has been in our family for generations. Not huge, but of great sentimental value to me. After visiting the “big names” in the area where I was given a catalog to look through, I found the type of setting I wanted online by a Virginia designer, Hugo Kohl. I was delighted when I discovered there was a jeweler in this area that carried his designs, Henderson & Company! From the moment I walked in I was sold. Anne helped me choose the perfect ring to showcase my diamond – I felt as if I was talking to a friend. The price was perfect and the ring was ready for pickup in less than a week. Henderson & Co will always be my jewelers!”

“Oh Anne – it’s fabulous!!! Thank you, thank you!! I’m spreading the news about Henderson’s


Sapphire Engagement Ring

Thank you so much, Anne! My ring is a hit at the rehearsal dinner! Please tell David that he did a gorgeous job – and thank you so much for doing it so quickly.

Lisa & Rick

It has been great dealing with you guys as well. You’ve made this process very manageable for someone on a tight budget and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I will be in touch about the wedding band closer down the road, since the wedding is still more than a year away I’m going to put it off for just a bit. But, as I said, I will most definitely get in touch about it. Again, thanks for making this all so easy and user-friendly! If more jewelers were like you guys, I think people would dread the ring buying process much less!

Michele & Shane M

Shane & I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you did to help us leading to our special day. You played such a large role. Our rings are absolutely beautiful! We both received so many compliments, it is such a wonderful feeling and it is all thanks to you. We appreciate all your time you spent with both of us and most importantly, all your hard work!

Helga & Sean J

Thanks for all the sparkles only to be outshone by the ones in my eyes. Thank you for making us feel like more than just another customer! I hope we’ll have plenty of joyful events that’ll require a trip back to the store.

Nancy R.

It’s been 5 days since I got my ring and I just had to write and tell you how much I love it. I haven’t taken it off. I have received so many compliments on how beautiful it is. I am so happy with this ring, it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Jesse C.

The ring was perfect, exactly how I pictured it and exactly how I hoped it would be. I had it for two days and then I proposed to Erin. She was totally caught off guard. She said yes! And she absolutely loves the ring. We keep talking about how “her” it is. And it really is, no one else would have a ring like that one, it fits her personality (and her finger for that matter) perfectly. We have already started talking about you potentially doing our wedding bands. So you may be hearing from us again. In the meantime you should know that the ring was exactly what I hoped and the outcome was even better. I have never been so happy. Thank you so much for doing this, David. You have etched your name into our story now, and we really are thankful.